Values DASF providers to its partners and customers:

  • Top quality products and solutions
  • Superior customer service
  • Leading expertise


  • Leading market positions in the plastic packaging segment based on strong presence as a company dedicated to support and develop innovative solutions
  • Reliable partner ensuring integrated solutions, customized to client’s specific needs and requirements


  • Integrity, honesty, respect and trust in our employees, commitment to community, sustainability and environmental protection
  • Building relationship of mutual trust and profitability, based on sound partnership with our customers and providers
  • On-going capacity-building of our staff
  • Encouraging and supporting the career growth of our employees, while ensuring health and safety at the workplace


The governing principles of our company include:

  • Respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms
  • Protection of universal human values
  • Ensuring equal access to vocational and professional development, and providing  opportunities for career development
  • Taking care to protect the environment
  • Introduction of 100% recyclable new products
  • Waste sorting
  • Giving preference to CSR-dedicated providers and partners